We are equipped to efficiently service all our customers' needs. Troil Enterprises offers a wide variety of products, from petroleum to chemicals, produced by the world's leading manufacturers, in a variety of package sizes. With our reliable fleet, we are able to service all your needs, from quarts to truckloads.


  Phillips 66,  Kendall Motor Oil,  Sunoco &    PetroCanada

For all your lubricating requirements

* Motor Oils * Transmission & Tractor Fluids* *Aviation, Marine & Railroad Oils * Natural Gas Engine Oils* *Hydraulic Oils * Circulating & Compressor Fluids* *Fire Resistant Fluids * Metal-Working Fluids*
* Specialty Industrial Oils *Automotive Gear Lubes* *Industrial Gear Lubes *Open Gear Lubes *Lubricating Greases*

UltraChem, Inc

All your synthetic needs for any application

* Bearing & Gear Oils * Hydraulic Oils * Blower Lubricants * *Compressor Oil * Vacuum Pump Oil * Heat Transfer Fluid *
* Refrigeration Oil * Natural Gas Oil * Turbine Oil*

Antifreeze and Shop Supplies

Old World Industries,Inc


For all your Antifreeze requirements

* Ethylene Glycol * Propylene Glycol * SCA Pre-charge * Extended Life * RV Antifreeze*

Cyclo & CRC Industries

For all your shop supplies

*Cleaners *Cooling System Products *Specialty Products* *Heavy Duty Winter Products *Brake & Power Steering Fluids* *Additives *Lubricants *

Colonial Chemical

For all you Diesel Exhaust Fluid needs

Sorbent Products Co. Inc

For all your absorbent needs
* Pads * Booms* Pillows* Blankets* Spill Kits *

Balcrank Products, Inc. & Graco Inc.

Lubricant Dispensing Equipment
* Pumps * Reels * Meters * Tanks *

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